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Baccarat truc tuyen

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In our guide to playing baccarat online, we’ll teach you:

  • Where to play baccarat online
  • How to play baccarat online
  • Online baccarat card values and scoring rules
  • Different types of baccarat
  • Online baccarat FAQs

Where to Play Baccarat Online

Where to Play Baccarat Online

Whether you want to play baccarat online for real money or just understand your options, these are our favourite online casinos for baccarat.

How to Play Online Baccarat

How to Play Online Baccarat

In baccarat, as with any casino game, you will increase your edge by taking the time to learn the rules. Luckily, one of the reasons playing online baccarat is so popular is due to the minimal learning curve.

Simply: you’re wagering on the outcome of a round of cards between you and the dealer – highest hand wins.

Each card has a certain number of points allocated, and there are “drawing rules” that dictate player & banker behaviour. The most popular variation of online baccarat is called punto banco , so we’ll discuss those rules here. The rules for other game types vary slightly, and we’ll cover those in a minute.

There are four main stages of a game of baccarat:

  1. Place a Bet
  2. The Deal
  3. Instant Win
  4. 3 rd Card Rule

Online Baccarat Odds

Online Baccarat Odds

While each casino’s rules may differ, here is an example of typical online baccarat odds for each wager.

Odds of Player Bets

Player bets typically pay even money (e.g. bet $100, win $100).

The house edge for this type of bet is a relatively low 1.24%, making betting on yourself a tempting strategy.

Odds of Banker Bets

Banker bets typically pay even money, less a “commission” on the win, typically around 5%. This means a payout of approximately 95% on banker bets (e.g. bet $100, win $95.)

The house edge for banker bets is even lower than player bets, sitting at approximately 1.06%.

Odds of Baccarat Ties

Ties in online baccarat are paid out differently by each casino, but typically paid out at either 8- or 9-to-1.

Tie bets do have a very significant house edge of nearly 15%, so we recommend avoiding this bet type.

Online Baccarat Strategy

Online Baccarat Strategy

Avoid Tie Bets

As tempting as that payout may be, avoid betting on the tie. The payouts are high for a reason – betting on the tie just isn’t worth it.

Bet on the Banker

It feels weird to bet against yourself, but there’s a reason casinos put a “commission” on banker bets – it happens more often.

Ignore “Streaks”

Tables simply don’t get “hot” or “cold.” The mathematical odds and house edge remain the exact same regardless of the previous result, so trust the process.

Card Values in Online Baccarat

Card Values in Online Baccarat

The card values in online baccarat are very similar to other casino table games like blackjack, except when it comes to face cards and tens:

  • Cards 2-9 are worth their face value (e.g. a 4 is worth 4 points)
  • 10 and face cards are worth zero
  • Aces are equal to 1

Scoring Online Baccarat

It’s very important to remember when scoring a round of online baccarat: if the total points in your hand reaches double digits, you drop the first digit.

  • You have a 7 and a 9, for a total of 16
  • Because 16 is double digits, you drop the first digit
  • Your 16 becomes a 6, meaning you have 6 points in your hand

Different Types of Online Baccarat

There are a few variations of online baccarat, but there are two main types: punto banco and chemin de fer.

Punto Banco Baccarat

If you are playing online baccarat, it is most likely Punto Banco. As we described above, one hand is designated for the player, while the other is assigned to the banker. Participants choose to wager on a win by player, win by banker, or a tie.

Player bets usually pay even money, while a five percent commission is taken out for banker bets. In the rare case of a successful tie bet (a “push”), payouts are typically 8:1, and the wagers for player and banker roll over to the next round.

Chemin de Fer Baccarat

Chemin de fer involves six decks of cards that are shuffled together. One player becomes the banker, and the rest become “punters.” Just like the blinds in poker, the role of banker/dealer rotates. The banker then places an initial bet, which can be met or exceeded by the punters. At this point, the player with the highest bet is elected (“chief punter”) to represent the rest of the punters.

Both the banker and the chief punter receive two cards face down. If neither has an 8 or a 9, the elected punter can choose to take a third card or stay. The general strategy for chemin de fer baccarat is:

  • If you hold between 0 and 4, you take a third card, and if you have a 6 or 7, you don’t.

If the banker wins, then they collect all the wagers and keep their position for another round. In the event of a player win, each bettor gets back their wager plus an equal amount from the banker.

Contrary to popular belief, baccarat is a game that everyone can enjoy. Sure, it may seem a complicated game at first. But, once you understand the basic rules, you will see how fun and enjoyable it is. You don’t have to be an expert or a gambling master to play such a game. Because, much like most gambling games, online baccarat depends on luck and chance.

But, before getting into it and start spending real money playing it, there are a few things you should know and understand. And we are here to help you! Continue reading and begin your journey towards becoming a baccarat pro!

How to Play Baccarat?

In baccarat, there are three possible outcomes:

  1. A player will win
  2. The banker or dealer will win
  3. A tie

In this game, players will put their bet on either of the three possibilities. And, whichever hand is closest to nine wins. So, if you have placed your bet on the player’s hand and it is closest to nine, then you will win double of your bet.

On the other hand, if you’ve bet on the dealer and it wins, you will be paid 95% of your wager. Your third option, which is to have the same number of points as the banker, has the highest payout ratio of 8:1 or 9:1 as it has a smaller chance of happening.

Now, you are required to place a bet before the beginning of each round. This should be within the minimum and maximum limits of your table.

Then, there will be two faced-up cards given to each player as well as the banker. You would have to add them together to know the total. Here, you should remember the following:

  • Cards 2 to 9 are at face value
  • 10, Jack, Queen, and King have zero value
  • Ace is worth one

If the total exceeds nine, the second digit of the sum counts as your number. So, for example, you have 8 and 9 (which has a total of 17), your hand counts as 7. After adding them up, these rules shall apply:

  • If the player or banker has a total of 8 or 9 with the first two cards, it stands. Meaning, there will be no further action as either one of them can win without needing to draw another card. In this case, there can be a tie, or one can win over the other with a 9 versus 8 total.
  • If the player or banker has a total of 6 or 7, it also stands.
  • If the player’s total is 5 or less, an automatic third card is given.
  • If the player has 6 or 7 and the banker’s total is 5 or less, the banker draws another card.

Odds and Strategies

The three possible outcomes in baccarat entail specific advantages for the house. However, expect them to be extremely low, unlike in other casino games such as blackjack or slots. Specifically, the house has an edge of only 1.24% for bets made for the player. For a wager on the banker, the house has an advantage of as little as 1.06%.

Then, the riskiest yet most tempting bet, a tie provides the casino a house advantage of 14.4%. Thus, for a higher chance of winning, your best bet is on the banker. The same applies to all baccarat games, whether played live or on online casinos.

Best Online Baccarat Casinos - How To Play Baccarat

Welcome to onlinebaccaratcasinos, players’ ultimate guide to the world of online baccarat! We review the safest, most entertaining and well-established virtual gambling platforms for baccarat – game of the wealthy, the blue-blooded and James Bond. Find the best venues for live dealer baccarat, learn the basics of the game and catch up on valuable tips and tricks.

Our fair, in-depth casino reviews will provide you with all the information you need to pick the best sites for playing the famously unbeatable game. Our selection criteria laid out below covers everything from fun features to safety:

  • Baccarat Software
  • Casino Bonuses
  • Live Dealer Baccarat
  • Licensing and Security
  • Play Baccarat Online
  • Choosing the Right Casino

Baccarat Software & RNG Varieties

Most online casinos offer only one type of RNG baccarat. This is due to an increased interest in live baccarat, which best reflects the social and ceremonial nature of the game’s classic version. If a site has multiple RNG baccarat games in their selection, it is either baccarat by different software companies or, more commonly, the games vary slightly in side bets/deck size. For instance, top provider Microgaming has regular Baccarat and Baccarat Gold that features the Player/Banker Pair side bet. NetEnt, known for its visually stunning and smooth software, has 8-deck Baccarat and 6-deck Punto Banco.

The RNG version has either 6 or 8 decks of 52 cards each. Some software providers offer multiple side bets, others provide none beyond the main ones, i.e. Banker, Player and Tie. The most common side bets are Small/Big, Perfect/Either Pair, Egalities, Bonus Bet etc. Some more innovative features may include clicking on the edges of the fourth drawn card to ‘peek’ and ‘squeeze’, just like in the traditional big table games in land-based casinos. Some of the best baccarat software providers out there are NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, RealTime Gaming (RTG), Amaya (part of NYX Gaming), Random Logic, Visionary iGaming and others.

The game fares under titles like Baccarat and Punto Banco, used interchangeably online. Asian players are more familiar with the former, and American players – with the latter title. Popular alternative names include EZ Baccarat, offered by software companies like Visionary iGaming, and Super Six, offered by the likes of Visionary iGaming and Amaya. Both games feature a rule variation: lifting the 5% commission on a winning Banker bet at the cost of certain payouts. It is uncommon to find an online game of Chemin de Fer, a traditionally French variant where players don’t pick a side to bet on and can choose whether to draw a third card or not.

Casino Bonuses - Find The Best Baccarat Bonus

Bonuses prolong game play at no cost for the player, but also come with various terms and conditions, and don’t cover all types of games. Unfortunately, many casinos still overlook baccarat bonuses. The special baccarat-only bonuses out there are very rare and they usually require 200/300x bonus rollover for 3-digit bonuses.

Most reputable sites have a generous or at least decent Welcome/Sign-Up bonus offer that either excludes table games completely, or in the best cases, includes certain table games while imposing tighter staking rules. In the latter scenario, baccarat usually counts as 10-20% towards the wagering requirements. For loyal members, most casinos put forth regular bonuses that apply specifically to card and table games.

The biggest sites of virtual gambling have already introduced and keep enhancing their live dealer casino on a regular basis with new features and games. It is a burning hot trend, because the platform comes as close to a real casino floor as possible, an experience so comforting to many seasoned players. Live casinos recreate the lively ambiance of brick-and-mortar establishments and employ real professional dealers, who can interact with players via a live chat function.

The games are streamed via the internet from studios located in Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, Southeast Asia or the Caribbean. The studios are managed by casino software companies and the best live baccarat games are offered by the likes of Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming. To date, NetEnt doesn’t have live baccarat.

When choosing a live dealer baccarat casino, the chief criteria is a top-notch software that ensures state-of-the-art game transmission, smoothly running sessions and an intuitive, smart layout. From there, the live platform should be your oyster. The more game titles, features and table variations, the better. Live baccarat comes in variations like standard big table baccarat for multiple players and mini baccarat for single play; VIP and no-commission tables; speed baccarat with fast sessions and squeeze baccarat. For instance, Playtech’s premium live tables now have a ‘squeeze’ feature where the live dealer squeezes the last card to be revealed, and Evolution Gaming has gone a step further by introducing player-controlled squeezing. In this latest innovation, the dealer places the cards face-down over special glass inlays with cameras underneath, then the software relays the card face with an obscurity filter, and the player can tap or click on the edges of the cards.

Each live software has a different set of side bets accompanied by fairly standard payouts. Playtech has side bets such as Perfect/Either Pair and Big/Small. Microgaming has Live Baccarat with a few common side bets and Live Bonus Baccarat with even more additional side bets: Big/Small; multiple Bonus Bets that pay for a guessed number of winning points; the proprietary Turtle Pair Bet which pays for a pair of any kind; and the proprietary Phoenix Pair Bet that pays for a pair of the same suit. Playtech’s Asian platform also has In-Running Baccarat where multiple series of bets can be placed after every dealt card, and Progressive Baccarat where a tie of a suited Ace+8 wins the jackpot.

O Baccarat é um dos jogos mais famosos de mundo, tanto dentro quanto fora do Brasil. O jogo se tornou mundialmente após aparecer em diversas produções de filmes internacionais. No filme “ocean’s eleven”, por exemplo, são várias as cenas em que o Baccarat aparece. Outra superprodução em que o game aparece é o filme 007, onde o próprio James Bond fala sobre Baccarat.

O game é extremamente popular e quase todos os amantes de apostas conhecem o jogo. O objetivo em Baccarat é simples, atingir pontuação mais próxima possível de 9. Neste artigo você entenderá mais sobre o jogo e aprenderá a jogar Baccarat.

Baccarat – Noções e regras básicas

Toda rodada de Baccarat começa da mesma forma: com a rodada de apostas. Antes de se iniciar a partida, cada apostador precisa fazer uma escolha muito importante. É preciso apostar em uma de três possibilidades: apostar em si mesmo, na banca ou no empate. Assim que se faz uma aposta, as cartas são distribuídas.

Em relação aos valores das cartas, também existem regras. As cartas numeradas possuem valores que correspondem ao número delas. As cartas com figuras valem zero. Os Ases valem 1 ponto.

Em Baccarat, o cálculo da pontuação segue uma logica interessante. O cálculo sempre é feito levando em conta o último número da soma. Não entendeu? Sempre que o valor de uma carta ultrapassar 10, se deve considerar apenas o último número. Caso o apostador tire um 3 e um 5, sua soma é oito. Mas, se tirar duas cartas 8, sua soma seria 16, mas na verdade é apenas 6. Se considera apenas o último número.

A terceira carta

Quando a soma das cartas resulta em 8 ou 9, acontece uma vitória natural. No entanto, pode ser que o jogador precise de uma terceira carta. Existem regras específicas para quando se deve ou não tirar uma terceira carta no game. Abaixo, você verá quando se deve e quando não se deve tirar uma terceira carta.

Se o banqueiro tira uma soma entre 0 e 5, precisa tirar uma nova carta. Isto é regra nas casas de aposta. Quando o banqueiro fica com uma soma 6 ou 7, não pega mais carta

Quando o apostador tira uma soma entre 0 e 5, não tira mais cartas. Mas se sua soma for entre 6 e 7, precisará da terceira carta. Quando o jogador tem 2 ou 3 na sua soma, precisará ver a soma do banqueiro. Se for entre 0 e 4 e depois entre 5 e 7, irá tirar uma nova carta.

Quando um jogador tira entre 0 e 5, não tira a terceira carta. Se estiver entre 6 e 7, tirará.

Quando o jogador tem entre 4 e 5, observa o jogo do banqueiro. Se o banqueiro tiver 6 ou 7, recebe outra carta.

Quando o jogador soma 6 ou 7, observa o banqueiro. Se resultar em 7 precisará da terceira carta.

Quando o jogador tira 8, observa o banqueiro. Se banqueiro tirar entre 3 a 7, tira uma nova carta.

Quando o jogador tem um Às, Rei, Valete, Dama, Rei, 10, 9, observa o banqueiro. Se ele estiver entre 4 a 7, precisará tirar uma nova carta.

Tem diferença nas regras do modo online e do ao vivo

Tanto o modo online quanto o físico seguem as mesmas regras. Inclusive, no modo online é possível ver um Dealer ao vivo. Isso mesmo, existe a possibilidade de ter um Dealer real do outro lado do tema. Existem diversas variações de Baccarat, mas a tradicional é a mais famosa. O jogo é simples, intuitivo e qualquer pessoa pode jogar.

Contudo, por mais simples que pareça, Baccarat requer algumas coisas básicas. É preciso ser uma pessoa atenta em primeiro lugar. Geralmente, os sites que hospedam o Baccarat possuem tutoriais. Aproveite para se habituar aos games através dos tutoriais disponíveis.

Onde jogar Baccarat

Hoje em dia, jogar Baccarat é simples. São diversos os sites que hospedam o game para qualquer pessoa jogar. O requisito é simplesmente ter um cadastro na plataforma e fazer um depósito. Veja abaixo os principais sites para jogar Baccarat online.

  1. Bodog
  2. Pin-Up
  3. Jackpot City
  4. Spin Palace Casino
  5. Vera & Join Casino

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