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5 Online Casino Games That Have the Best Odds

The world of casinos is a very diverse and complex one, and there are a lot of things to consider before you invest some of your hard-earned money before you play a game or two. In order to walk away as a winner and regularly earn some money on the side, you have to be armed with all the necessary knowledge that will set you apart from the rest of the players, be it in a regular casino establishment or on one of the many popular online casino services.

One of the main features of any casino is its library of games. Casino-style games come in many different forms. You can opt to play classics that have been around for decades, more than a century even, like blackjack, poker, or roulette. On the other hand, you can try your luck in more modern and rule-bending games like various themed slot machines or wheels of fortune.

Whatever the case, the thing you have to aim for and think about is the chance of winning, or as it is called in the world of gambling, the odds. If you do not think about what gives you the best odds at a prize, you are not in it to win but to simply play. And who wants to just play and lose money when there is so much to be won if only you take a step back, do some research, and educate yourself?

In the article before you, we will do just that, help you to learn what online casino games have the best odds of winning. Of course, at the same time, you will learn what games it is best to avoid since their odds are miserable at best. To find out more about the best betting sites on the web where you can play some games and bet, make sure to check out efirbet.

1. Blackjack – Odds of Winning – 49%

Your safest bet at winning some money is with a game of the popular card game blackjack. It is simple to learn and play and requires only a moderate amount of skill. The odds are not too bad because you play against the dealer, and more people can play at the same time. They do not aim to beat each other but only the dealer and the one whose cards are closest to 21 wins the round. Luck is involved, but not nearly as much as with other games. The dealer only has a 1% advantage in most casinos, both online live dealers and those in the real world. With automated systems, it is slightly different and depends on the software and the algorithm.

2. Craps – Odds of Winning – About 50%

The famous dice game of craps takes no skill at all and it is pure luck. However, the odds are so high because you either bet if the shooter’s dice come to seven or eleven, or not. That means that you have a 50/50 chance of being right. If you wish to make more specific bets, the odds drop a lot but you may win much more as well. For the basic strategy of calling the dice, you have a very good chance of walking away with some money to your name.

3. Roulette – Odds of Winning – Nearly 50%

It should be mentioned right from the start that several different types of roulette exist. The wheel generally has 37 or 38 numbers, from 1 to 36 and either only a 0 or a 0 and a 00. American roulettes have both, while European only have a single zero. The dealer is called the croupier, and they spin the wheel. Bets are made by putting chips on the field you believe the little ball will land. The simplest however is to either choose the 50/50 bet of either red or black numbers, as there are 23 of each. Since there is also a 0 (and a 00 in the USA), the chances of being right are just under 50%. You can drop the odds and increase the payout by choosing specific numbers or specific numbers, like from 1 to 12 or from 13 to 20. Whatever combination you like. This greatly lowers the odds but your payout will be considerable.

4. Slot Machines – Odds of Winning – 1 in 50 million

Playing slots is the most popular game in all casinos for many reasons. Firstly, there are dozens or even hundreds of them in a single casino, and hundreds of thousands of different ones on online casino services. Next, they are easy to play as pulling a lever or pressing a button is all there is to it. Now, depending on what set of little pictures or symbols you get, you either win or lose. And you will probably lose since there are millions of combinations possible and they are programmed to award an immensely low number of spins. The only way to try to win is to continue playing, but the chances of you being the one to hit a slot jackpot are extravagantly low and barely-there since the random luck factor is high. This is why many believe slots are not worth it if you want to win some money.

5. Poker – Odds of Winning Vary Greatly

With the most popular card game in the world, both a lot of luck and a great degree of skill come together. Chances of winning are hard to pinpoint and calculate since the cards you get are random, but what you do with them is not. Playing it online in live rooms is harder than in real life since you cannot see the players, and determine if they are bluffing or not. Therefore, you have to rely completely on your skill and expect the unexpected. Poker takes practice and learning, and many innocent games with friends and family before you move to the actual money sessions. The better you are and the more games and wins you have under your belt, the better those general odds are since you will know all the possible outcomes and situations simply because you have seen them already.

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