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Instant, no fuss!

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Live Casino Games

Live Casino Games


A classic real game of Roulette in a Real Casino - see the action, watch the dealer and bet alongside real players in The Casino!


Playing Online Blackjack will never be the same again!, being able to see real cards dealt by a real dealer in a real Casino gives you all the trust and excitement of a real game!


Also known as Punto Banco, Baccarat is a game of cards where a real dealer will pull real cards from a real cardshoe in a real casino!

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Live Online Roulette

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about online casino games? Comfort? Avoid traffic? Unique features and promotions. We all know the most common benefits of playing your favorite casino games online, however there’s one factor that is revolutionizing the way internet users gamble; interaction.

One of the main disadvantages that online casino games had was the lack of interaction between users, and technological developments have now facilitated this feature in online casino games and one of the most famous among users is the live online roulette.

Best Live Roulette Promotions

This new modality of playing roulette online allows users to communicate and interact with other real users and playing with a real roulette operated by a real and experienced croupier enhancing the online gambling experience.

Playing live online roulette is very different from playing traditional online roulette; features, platforms, technological innovations, game providers and special bonuses are some of the aspects we analyze in this article to present you the most comprehensive guide of what to look for when selecting an online casino to play live roulette.

Live online roulette providers

It is important to make the difference between online casinos where you can play live roulette and live roulette providers. Even if you have a huge list of online casinos where you can play live roulette, there are only some developers that create and manage live online roulette and offers it through several online casinos. In order words; you can play the same online live roulette with the same croupiers and platform from several different online casinos. We present below a list of the most important live roulette developers and their key features for this exciting casino game.

Vivo Gaming: This live games provider offer customer service and chat monitoring 24/7 in all their live roulettes, Vivo Gaming takes pride of the professionalism and great service from their staff. An interesting fact about this provider is the maximum limit of users per roulette, as they offer to manage any number of users in one game simultaneously. They also offer HD auto-moving cameras in all their tables.

Microgaming: One of the biggest industry giants of online casino games, being present in the live casino games market for more than seven years, Microgaming manages more than 20 live roulette tables operated in more than 4 studios and offered through more than one hundred different online casino brands. This casino software developer couldn’t miss the opportunity of innovating in the live roulette trend. Besides offering the usual features such as multilanguage platforms, customer service, HD video streaming, mobile availability, auto-bet functionality and play-back features; this developer also offers the first brand live online roulette with their Playboy Live roulette.

Netent: Another giant of online casinos that launched their live casino games in 2012 is Net Entertainment. One of the key features of their live roulettes is the availability to play on mobile devices and of course HD video streaming, another interesting feature is that their platforms accept bets while the wheel is already spinning and it also offer full customizable interface to improve users experience. According to their website; Netent streams more than 75,000 hours of live casino games per month.

Playtech: The live roulettes from Playtech have all the basic features such as HD video, fast streaming and professional croupiers. Playtech differentiated from their competitors of live casino games by offering new game modalities for their live offer like their double screen roulette. The company realized that live casino games implied some disadvantage for experienced online players that were used to have immediate spins and as live online roulette required more time to be played some customers could feel it boring. To balance their live roulette excitement, Playtech created a platform to bet live in two different live roulette tables at the same time, a great innovation that until today marks the difference in the live casino games industry.

Ezugi: This software provider specializes in live casino games, Ezugi differentiates from its competitors offering a platform that promotes more interaction between users, it also offers several options of games to be played while betting in a live roulette table, you can select from playing mini games like slots or choosing two different roulette tables to play at the same time. Another important added value of Ezugi live roulettes is the possibility of customizing the interface to each user preferences including music on demand.

Evolution Gaming: Founded in 2006, this company has always focused in innovating the live online casino industry. Evolution Gaming is the main driver of the most innovative trend in live casino games offering dual live roulette platforms, these are real roulette tables in land based casinos where both casino clients and online casino users can play together. This great creation is revolutionizing the casino industry, as for several years online casinos were direct competitors of land base casinos and now the industry found a way to partner both sides for the benefit of the users.

The incursion of big casino games providers in live gambling had a significant impact in the general online casino industry. As online casinos usually follow the trends presented by their software providers, as soon as they launched their live gaming services these had a boom in all online casino platforms, however that doesn’t mean all big developers offer live casino games, companies like Betsoft decided not to include live casino games like roulette in their portfolio. However, big casino games developers aren’t the only important players in the live online casino industry, as explained before land based casinos and specialized software developers are also innovating in this trend, so there are plenty options to choose from.

If you’re really interested in special features and game modalities for playing live online roulette think about selecting the software provider and then selecting the online casino to play, instead of selecting an online casino and wait to see if the live roulette games are what you expected.

Advantages of playing live online roulette

Since its creation in the 18th century the roulette has been one of the most emblematic casino games in the world, this game has evolved several times and created several different game modalities like the American and the French roulette. The same way these two modalities have different particularities to be analyzed before start playing and betting your money on them, the same way you should analyze the difference between online roulette and live online roulette as well as its advantages and disadvantages for having the best experience trying live online roulette for the first time.

The obvious first advantage of live roulette over traditional online roulette is the interaction. Since its main objective is to improve the users experience by getting them closer to the traditional casino environment, this game modality allows users to interact with real and professional croupiers as well as other real users from all over the world.

Usually users will communicate through a chat in the platform, while they can all see and hear the croupier spinning the wheel, however the level of interaction while playing live roulette varies from one provider to another, you’ll find some platforms that will let you see the bets other players are doing, some live roulette tables accept a very big amount of players simultaneously which means the level of interaction between the users and the croupier might be limited to some welcome words when you enter to the table or when you win in a spin, and there are other platforms that provide a more intimate interaction between both croupiers and users allowing social media interaction and even interact with land based casino customers.

A great advantage of live online roulette is the possibility of customizing your game, live casino games usually have more options to customize the interface you use for playing and also you have the possibility of selecting the croupier you would like to play with. The market has grown so much that now you can select between different croupier options from Asian males to European females and you can also select a platform to bet (or receive customer service) in your language.

Another difference between online roulette and live online roulette are the promotions available. As live roulette is gaining popularity among users, online casinos have started to create special promotions and sometimes even tournaments only for their live online roulettes. One of the most interesting promotions available for live online roulette are the prize pools. You’ll find several online gambling platforms that offer weekly prize pools for users of their live roulettes, usually the online casino stablishes some sort of rules to enter to these prize pools, like betting on the same number and winning certain times in a row and you’ll automatically enter to the pool prize that will be divided at the end of the week between all the winners of that period. Make sure you fully understand not only the rules to enter but also make sure you know when is the start and end of each period of the prize pools, as in any bonus and promotion it’s crucial to read the small print.

Disadvantages of playing live online roulette

Live roulette has more rules than online roulette and for some users this might be a disadvantage. The main rules change is related to the interaction between users and croupiers, you must take in account that you are also involved in the experience other users are having, so maybe as an online roulette enthusiast you are used to scream of emotion winning a bet or lose your temple when you have a bad spin, and of course in the comfort of your house, it’s perfectly fine to do it, however in live casinos this might not be acceptable as you will affect other users. It’s important to remark that almost all platforms and chats are always being monitored so always be respectful with both other users and croupiers if you don’t want to be banned.

Depending on the online live roulette provider you select, you might experience some audio or video synchronization problems, in the early years of live casino games the quality of the streaming was the main concern of users as many users would experience synchronization of connection issues with the casino platforms, even if the biggest providers of live games assure their games work smoothly with perfect video and audio synchronization and HD video, the reality is that there are still some providers that have those issues, so bear in mind you might still encounter them. It’s also indispensable to have a reliable internet connection.

As explained before, an inconvenience of playing live online is the waiting time. In this game modality, you’ll spend more time in the table doing bets than you’ll usually do in an online roulette, you’ll have to wait for having a seat in the table and you’ll also have to wait for other users to play bets or the croupier to spin the wheel. You should keep in mind that the objective of live casino games is to improve the user experience bringing him nearer to the traditional casinos, so if you’re looking for quick bets maybe you should try traditional online roulette instead.

Finally, an important disadvantage of live online roulette is that not all live online roulette tables are available for all countries. Live roulette is not categorized the same way in all countries and the regulation from this casino game modality variates from one country to another. As always, when talking about online gambling is good to fully understand the regulation of your place of residence to make sure you don’t infringe any law, and live online casinos are not the exception. There are some countries like Spain that only allow live roulette if the studio where it streams is based in a physical casino operating in the country. Now, this doesn’t mean you should verify the address where the live casino is streaming every time you want to play live online roulette, as this is something that online casinos manage; while you register in their platforms you’ll introduce your place of residence and the platform automatically will offer only the casino games authorized in your country or region.

The Best Promotions of Live Online Roulette

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The premium crypto gaming portal is now expanding its arsenal with the addition of live casino games and shows from the leaders of video-streamed live experiences – Evolution Gaming. The newly added live casino games include a variety of classics such as Baccarat , Blackjack, and Roulette , along with many other exciting games that promise players an unmatched gaming experience.

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  • Top Live Dealer Roulette Casinos 2020: Full List
  • Top Live Dealer Roulette Casinos 2020: Reviews
  • Live Dealer Roulette at 888casino
  • Live Dealer Roulette at JackpotCity
  • Live Dealer Roulette at Playamo
  • Live Dealer Roulette at King Billy
  • Live Dealer Roulette at Betway
  • Live Dealer Roulette at Bitstarz
  • Live Dealer Roulette at BGO
  • Live Dealer Roulette at 777casino
  • How We Choose Top Live Dealer Roulette Casinos
  • Why Play Live Dealer Roulette Online
  • Live Dealer Roulette Versions
  • Tips for Live Dealer Roulette
  • Playing Live Roulette Online: Where to Start?
  • 1. Choosing the Best Live Dealer Casino for You
  • 2. Claiming Casino Bonus Offers for Roulette Online Live
  • 3. Choosing Live Roulette Variants and Bets To Play
  • FAQ

We have put together a complete guide for live roulette, which includes the best online casinos, the most interesting roulette versions to play, and also tips for playing live roulette.

We have researched to find the best casinos dedicated to live dealer roulette. You deserve to play at a quality casino, and you deserve to play at the best roulette tables available.

In this guide, we cover the following:

  • What are the best casinos offering live roulette?
  • What makes a top live dealer roulette casino?
  • Why play live dealer roulette?
  • What are the different live roulette versions?
  • Tips for playing online casino live roulette.

If you want to play the best licensed and regulated roulette tables, read this guide, and you'll be all set.

Top Live Dealer Roulette Casinos 2020: Full List

Wondering what's so great about these specific live dealer roulette casinos?

Keep reading to find out more about our top live dealer roulette online casinos!

Top Live Dealer Roulette Casinos 2020: Reviews

While they're all licensed, safe and designed to provide the best playing experience, every live dealer online casino has its own strengths and unique features.

Hoping to deposit for your live dealer roulette game using Neteller? Looking for a casino that features a very specific type of roulette? Or perhaps you just want to see the looks of a casino from the list you already have an eye on?

You'll find all the answers in the reviews below.

Live Dealer Roulette at 888casino

888casino is a trusted name in the online casino world, and its quality shines through in the roulette platform.

Not only does the team at 888casino offer an excellent welcome bonus offer, but the live casino platform is outstanding.

In particular, live roulette, which comes with a vast range of roulette options. You can play for as little as $0.50, which is excellent news for players learning how to play the game.

Conversely, high rollers are catered to with the Arabic Roulette table offering $10,000 per spin.

Around 20 roulette tables are available so that you can pick and choose your favourite live dealer. The names of the live dealers are displayed before you sit at the table, which adds to the experience.

Play various forms of roulette at 888casino, including Double Ball Roulette, Speed Roulette, and many more live roulette tables.

Live Dealer Roulette at JackpotCity

Playing live roulette at JackpotCity is a breeze.

Once you have taken advantage of its $1,600 welcome bonus, you're free to enjoy the quality live casino platform.

Leading the charge in live dealer games at JackpotCity is roulette, which offers players of all levels something to play.

It's one of a few casinos that have $0.20 tables. The Lightning Roulette table lets you play for only $0.20 per spin, making it an affordable and enjoyable real money experience.

Fancy a game with higher stakes?

JackpotCity has a maximum limit of $2,000 per spin, which is lower than some casinos, but still high enough.

You can play live roulette at Jackpot City at the live casino platform, which features a wide variety of games.

The live dealers are a delight to play with, and they add to the pleasurable roulette experience at JackpotCity.

Live Dealer Roulette at Playamo

Playamo is a new and exciting online casino that has taken the industry by storm.

Leading the way for Playamo is the live casino platform, which features all your favourite casino games, including roulette.

There has been a lot of detail put into the online roulette platform. Not only does Playamo offer the best roulette game options, but it also has a Native Roulette section.

Here, you can find the likes of Svensk Roulette, Arabic Roulette, Japanese Roulette, and many more country-specific forms of roulette.

It shows you how seriously they take live roulette at Playamo and it's a truly immersive experience. The live dealers are great to play with, and it's a relaxed atmosphere.

What roulette options does Playamo have you ask? The minimum limit is $0.20, and the maximum is $20,000, making it one of the more comprehensive roulette platforms.

The most popular table live roulette table is Lightning Roulette, which regularly has thousands of people playing at once.

Live Dealer Roulette at King Billy

King Billy is an award-winning online casino that stands out in many areas. One of those areas is the live casino platform, which features all your favourite casino games.

You have around five live roulette tables to choose from, with minimum bet limits of $0.50 and $1. We have seen more variety at other online casinos, but play live roulette at King Billy, and you'll see how the experience is.

A cast of live dealers enhances the live roulette experience to its fullest. Not only are they professional at their job, but the smiles never leave their faces.

We can see why King Billy wins so many awards; the live roulette platform is a pretty royal experience.

When it comes to ranking live casinos, King Billy is among the top because what you do get is quality over quantity.

Want to play at this casino? Pad your playing experience with a healthy welcome bonus, which you can use at the roulette tables.

Live Dealer Roulette at Betway

If you want to play an online live roulette casino game, Betway is a leading online casino.

Not only are the live dealers some of the best available, but Betway has plenty of options which results in a personalized experience.

For instance, you can play Real Roulette with Sarati, Holly, Bailey, or Caroline. They host the games, and it's one of the more professional live roulette setups we have seen.

If you prefer something more generic, live Betway Roulette is available. Brought to you by Evolution Gaming, Betway Roulette has a minimum bet of £0.50 and a maximum of £50.

There aren't as many high roller tables like some other online casinos, but in terms of an overall roulette experience, Betway is a strong player.

Live roulette is a great attribute of this popular online gaming platform, and its software adds to the experience.

You can't go wrong playing the roulette tables at Betway, so give them a try.

Live Dealer Roulette at Bitstarz

Bitstarz continues to rise in popularity and one reason why is because of its live online roulette platform.

The overall size of the live casino isn't as comprehensive as other casinos, but roulette gets the red carpet treatment.

No matter what form of roulette you want to play, Bitstarz has you covered. Below are just some of the varieties of roulette you can sign up and play.

  • Japanese Roulette
  • 24/7 Live Roulette
  • Blaze Roulette
  • Immersive Roulette
  • VIP Roulette
  • Casino Aviator Roulette
  • London Roulette
  • Speed Roulette

In other words, the choice is yours when it comes to playing roulette live at Bitstarz.

When you play live roulette at Bitstarz, you also get a quality and unique team of live dealers.

Roulette tables come in various forms, and Bitstarz does its best to bring them all to you.

Live Dealer Roulette at BGO

When it comes to choice, BGO has real money roulette players covered.

Catered towards lower-limit players, the live roulette platform features 20 tables, including the likes of Speed Roulette and even Live Football French Roulette.

We weren't kidding when we said it had roulette players covered. It has unique roulette tables available 24/7, and the number of roulette games available is impressive.

The minimum table limit is £0.10, but the maximum is only £25. Therefore, if you want to play high-limit tables, BGO isn't the place for you.

For everyone else, it's a grand online casino that specializes in roulette tables. The entire roulette live platform is available on your mobile device as well, so it's worth signing up.

Online roulette variety is the strength of BGO casino, and that's great news for live casino fans.

Live Dealer Roulette at 777casino

777casino is a retro-themed casino that has an excellent live casino and roulette table selection.

777casino has 24 roulette tables available to play, which is more than most casinos in this guide.

Many of the dealers are decked out in their best retro uniforms, which is a unique selling point for this quality online casino.

In terms of a live casino, it has everything you need, but the live roulette platform stands out ahead of the pack.

Giving low and high-limit players choice is essential to being a quality casino, and 777casino doesn't disappoint.

By far the most popular game is Lightning Roulette, which you can play for only $0.50 a spin. It's a fast-paced game that is offered at many live casino establishments.

The range of roulette tables is impressive at 777casino and a reason to give this casino a spin.

How We Choose Top Live Dealer Roulette Casinos

A lot goes into a quality online casino, especially one that excels at live dealer roulette.

Not only security, RTP and table options are relevant when trying to find the best online roulette casinos.

Here is a list of what goes into deciding our top live dealer roulette casinos:

  • Welcome bonuses and promotions
  • Security of the online casino (RTP audits and encryption software)
  • Variety of roulette and casino games
  • Quality of live dealers
  • Banking options (deposits and withdrawals)
  • Quality of mobile version
  • Customer service
  • Overall enjoyability of the casino

A top casino needs the above qualities to make our list. You should endeavour to play at only the best casinos, and we wouldn't recommend playing at anything but the best.

Live casino games are only growing in popularity, so it's essential to know which casinos are good and which ones to stay away from.

Why Play Live Dealer Roulette Online

You could play roulette against a computerized deck or at your local casino, but it's simply not as beneficial as live dealer online roulette.

Games without a dealer can get boring and finding a good viewing position at a land-based casino can be difficult.

What's left then? Playing roulette tables at a live casino.

Firstly, you don't need to worry about anyone else at your table. It's just you and a dealer, and that's the beauty of playing from the comfort of your own home.

Live roulette is a popular game so treat yourself to the best version of the game - live dealer roulette.

Live Dealer Roulette Versions

It would be boring if you had only one version of live roulette to play. Luckily, the casinos featured in this guide have a wealth of options available to play.

Below is a list of different versions of roulette and where you can play them.

  • Speed Roulette (BGO, Bitstarz, 888casino)
  • Lightning Roulette (JackpotCity, Playamo, 777casino)
  • Rapid Roulette (Fun Casino)
  • Classic Roulette (All casinos)
  • Arabic Roulette (888casino, Playamo)
  • Double Ball Roulette (888casino, Betway)
  • VIP Roulette (Fun Casino, Bitzstarz)

Tips for Live Dealer Roulette

Once you have the basic rules sorted, you need to find the best tables.

Here are some of the things you should look for when picking your favourite live casino table.

  • Is the table the right limit?
  • Do I understand the rules of roulette?
  • Is the live dealer enjoyable to play with?
  • Do I understand the rules of this version of roulette?

An essential first step is understanding table limits. You don't want to put down your hard-earned money on a table that has limits too high.

Find a table that is both affordable and has a quality live dealer. A dealer can make or break your experience at a casino, so check your options first.

It might seem obvious, but understanding the rules is essential. If you're having a tough time understanding how to play, many casinos offer a free play option.

Give the game a try and see how you find it before heading to the tables.

Playing Live Roulette Online: Where to Start?

You're excited about the idea of playing live dealer roulette online but you're just unsure where exactly you should begin?

Interacting with friendly dealers while vying for the chance to win impressive prizes, live dealer roulette offers up an exciting online gaming experience that brings the thrill of brick-and-mortar casinos directly to you!

As long as you take the first step and start playing online live roulette, that is.

If you are yet to take that first step, this is the part to read carefully: a step-by-step guide to live dealer roulette online.

1. Choosing the Best Live Dealer Casino for You

There are hundreds of places to play live dealer games like roulette, but not all online casinos are made equal.

So, how to choose the best live dealer casino for you?

Picking a casino from our list ensures that you register with an online gaming site that provides you with a splendid bonus that you can claim within your bankroll, and offers you the highest quality software and the widest game selection.

It is important that you select a site that you can trust.

It should be licensed and regulated by appropriate authorities, e.g. UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, or similar.

Also, make sure the site accepts the players from your country.

Note: If you don't see a "Play now" button next to some of the casinos on our list, it means that, unfortunately, they do not accept players from your region. Pick a casino from the ones that do!

A great casino also needs to offer a collection of live dealer games that will entertain and engage you. Including at least a couple of variants of roulette.

If you prefer to play on mobile, that is also an important consideration. You should make sure that the live dealer games of that casino are optimized for play on smartphones and tablets.

2. Claiming Casino Bonus Offers for Roulette Online Live

Did you know that you can get a welcome bonus when you start playing live dealer games online?

Yes, free play money and other goodies are not limited to online casino games. You can get a special live casino bonus to play free Live Roulette online. (T&Cs apply.)

When deciding which live dealer casino is the best place for you to play, be sure to consider their bonuses. It makes all the difference, as each casino offers exclusive promotions to their live dealer players.

It’s important to sign up at a live dealer casino that provides the kinds of bonuses that will add the most value to your personal online gaming experience.

The bonus can come in the form of free chips on the first deposit. This way, you get the first games to try completely for free.

When it comes to deposit match bonus, the casino can reward you with extra money that matches your bankroll. That’s another way to get some free games.

3. Choosing Live Roulette Variants and Bets To Play

If you played online roulette before, you’re aware that online casinos offer many roulette variants. American Roulette, European Roulette, French Roulette - you name it.

Same goes for the Live games of Roulette.

If you play at a good live casino site, like the best online casino for roulette that we recommend, you find a lo-o-out of live dealer tables. Frankly, many casinos have more options for live roulette games than the simple RNG-determined online roulette.

Many of the options are listed in the section above, yet one question remains:

Which one to choose?

If you’re a beginner at live casino games, start with the classic roulette tables, e.g. American Roulette or the variant with the lower house edge - French Roulette.

Also, don’t go all in with the bets. While at online casino you can practice playing free games first, the free play option is usually not available at live casinos. The bets at live roulette games start from $0.1 per spin and go all the way up to $100,000 at some casinos.

So, start small, $0.10 or $ 1per spin. Try some Roulette strategies with small bets. And increase the stakes if it’s going well.

Make sure to have a bankroll you can spend in mind and don’t go above it.

And then step four and five - enjoy and win!

Yes. Most casinos only offer real money tables. However, some have free play options where you can play for free. To play money tables, you need a positive account balance.

How do you play live roulette?

A game of roulette consists of a ball spinning around a wheel. The ball lands on a number, and if you have that number picked, you win. There are many more rules, so it pays to have a good understanding before heading to the tables. The live version of roulette is no different to the computerized version in terms of game rules.

What is the best online roulette site?

All the casinos featured in our guide are the best online roulette sites. They all have comprehensive live dealer roulette platforms, with the best games and dealers. If you're not enjoying your experience, think about changing casinos and looking for something new.

The promotion presented on this page was available at the time of writing. With some Casino promotions changing on daily basis, we suggest you to check on the site if it still available. Also, please do not forget to read the terms and conditions in full before you accept a bonus.

Play Live Roulette with the best dealers and get the best bonuses!

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