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    MTS – Integrated Trading Solution

    MTS – Integrated Trading Solution

    Improve your efficiency while lowering costs

    Improve your efficiency while lowering costs

    Betradar – DRIVEN BY FACTS

    We are the world’s leading B2B supplier of modular turnkey betting services and solutions. Betting operators have a diverse range of requirements and we are able to offer a portfolio of products and services that can fully serve the needs of the global betting and gaming market.

    Virtual Baseball In-Play – Built for betting, built for real.

    MTS Integrated Trading Solution – Improve your efficiency while reducing costs

    OptimaMGSв„ў – the most powerful betting and gaming platform

    OptimaMGSв„ў – the most powerful betting and gaming platform

    With our recently acquired multi-channel gaming suite platform – OptimaMGS TM , we cater to the industry’s needs for a truly performing, scalable and flexible sportsbook and gaming platform. Incorporating our full range of captive sports data services and management tools (such as MTS), our solution can form the perfect foundation of a successful bookmaker business.

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    latest news

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    Double Result Sports Betting

    10 / 15 / 2020 By Mark Saldana

    You’re tired of placing straight forward sports bets.

    You want to place a bet with a little more oomph in the odds.

    Double result betting could be the answer for you.

    By the end of this guide, you’ll be a double result betting subject-matter expert and ready to place some (hopefully) winning double result sports bets.

    If you are new to sports betting, you may be asking yourself, “ What is double result in betting?”

    When you place a double result bet, you are betting on two outcomes in one match with one stake.

    A double bet is a single betting option that combines the score of a game at half-time and the score at the end of the game.

    Assuming the half-time bet wins, the stake is then carried over to the second bet.

    Both results must be right in order to win the bet.

    Typical Sports Betting vs. Double Result Sports Betting

    Straight forward bets and double result bets are two completely different ball games.

    Double result sports betting has gained popularity over the recent years— but why?

    Let’s take a look at why someone might choose to place a double bet over a straight forward bet.

    How Does Double Result Sports Betting Differ from Straight Forward Betting?

    Straight forward bets only have three possible outcomes:

    • Win
    • Loss
    • Draw

    Double result bets up the ante by requiring you to bet on two outcomes instead of one.

    Since you are betting on two outcomes with a double result bet , there are nine possible outcomes:

    • Win/Win
    • Win/Draw
    • Win/Loss
    • Draw/Win
    • Draw/Draw
    • Draw/Loss
    • Loss/Win
    • Loss/Draw
    • Loss/Loss

    How Are Odds Determined in Double Results Sports Betting?

    The odds differ based on the probability of which double result line you choose to bet on.

    Double result bets have been gaining popularity in recent years because the payout is higher than straight forward betting.

    However, with greater rewards also comes greater risks.

    Keep in mind that you must correctly predict both outcomes to win the bet, and you now have nine different outcomes vs. three outcomes in straight forward bets.

    More possible outcomes equals more chances to lose.

    However, if you have to win a double result bet, you’ll enjoy a nice payout.

    For example, a Win/Loss bet on a home team will have higher odds than a Win/Win bet for a home team. This is because it is less likely for a home team to lose than it is for them to win.

    Other factors like how strong of a favorite the home team actually is can determine the odds for a double result bet.

    If you place a bet on an unlikely outcome, the odds are stacked against you for winning the bet.

    However, if you just so happen to bet correctly, you will get a much higher payout than if you were to win a straightforward bet.

    Double Result Betting Strategy

    Now that you understand what a double bet is, let’s huddle up and talk about betting strategy.

    Having a solid betting strategy doesn’t mean you need to pour hours of research into the teams and game you want to bet on, but you do need to have a clue on why you are placing a bet on a certain outcome.

    If you are serious about sports betting, never bet blindly— This only increases your chances of losing and sets you up for failure.

    Study the teams that are playing in the game you are going to place bets on.

    • A team has a reputation for coming out of the gate hot and slowing down by halftime
    • A team saves stamina for the second half and is known for comebacks
    • A team plays better at home or on the road
    • Any circumstances could affect the game, like weather, player injuries, etc.

    Once you’ve done your research, start weeding out the outcomes that are least likely to happen.

    Unless you can predict the future, there is no strategy that will guarantee you a win.

    Team performance and game dynamics can change at any given moment, but studying which outcomes are most likely to happen can give you an advantage when it comes time to bet.

    How Do You Place a Double Result Bet?

    Now you are ready to place a double bet.

    Placing a double bet is fairly easy, just follow these steps:

    1. Select the event that you would like to place a double result bet on.
    2. Choose one of the nine double result bet lines.
    3. Enter your stake for the bet. Keep in mind, that this should be the total stake for the entire bet.Play responsibly and never bet any amount of money that you can’t afford to lose.
    4. Double-check that everything is selected and entered correctly before confirming your bet. If you happen to win your double result bet, the winnings will be credited to your account after the final result is announced.

    Double Result Betting Pros and Cons:

    If you are looking for something different than betting straight forward, double result betting could be a good choice for you.

    However, there are advantages and disadvantages to any kind of bet.

    Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of double result betting that you need to be aware of.


    When it comes to placing a double results bet, you can expect higher odds than betting straight forward.

    This can mean that if you win, you could walk away with a lot more money depending on which double results bet line you won.

    Let’s say that you placed a bet on a Loss/Loss on a highly favored home team and won.

    Because the outcome was the least likely to happen, this choice had the highest odds and you ended up winning a lot of money.


    On the flip side of the coin, there is a higher risk of losing a double bet result vs. a straight forward bet.

    This is because there are nine possible outcomes in a double result bet while there are only three outcomes in a straight forward bet.

    Additionally, both half-time and full-time outcomes must be correct in order to win the bet.

    Winning a double result bet will require more strategy in order to determine the correct outcome.

    Double Result Betting Examples

    While the basics of double result betting generally remain the same, the rules can differ based on which sport you are betting on.

    Additionally, the dynamics of different sports games are different. You’ll have to account for these differences when creating your betting strategy for a specific game.

    Let’s take a look at some examples.

    Double Result Bet: Hockey

    Hockey is split into three periods rather than two halves, so the double result bets are placed on the outcomes of the 1st and 3rd periods.

    For example, let’s say the St. Louis Blues are playing the New York Rangers.

    You place a tie/win bet on the Blues.

    In order to win this bet, the Blues must be tied with the Rangers at the end of the 1st period and win at the end of the 3rd period.

    Double Result Bet: Football

    In football, the basic rules of double results bets remain the same. Bets are placed on the half-time and full-time outcome.

    Double result bets are fairly common in NFL Football, due to the volatility of the score swinging back and forth throughout the game. This increases the chances and hopes of a comeback .

    You place a Tie/Win bet on the Jaguars.

    Due to point volatility, ties at the end of the first half are rare occurrences, which means high odds.

    If your bet happens to be right on the money, you’d be in for an exhilarating second-half cheering on the Jaguars and hoping for victory.

    Double Result Bet: Basketball

    Like football, basketball games also have high score volatility that can make predicting the half-time outcome and full-time outcome rather difficult.

    The prices for double result bets are typically short compared to other sports.

    Players can take advantage of comeback scores by placing Win/Loss or Loss/Win bets since ties are a very rare occurrence and the scores are usually close.

    For example, the Portland Trailblazers have taken the lead with 42 points compared to the Brooklyn Nets 36 points. While the Trailblazers had the half-time lead, they ended up losing the game at 87-94.

    When it comes to double result betting on basketball games, it’s important to account for volatility when creating your betting strategy.

    Sports Betting With ZenSports

    Over 1,000 online sports-books exist, but none of them offer a peer-to-peer marketplace on a mobile app— except for ZenSports.

    ZenSports is a peer-to-peer sports betting mobile app that is bringing mobile sports betting out of the dark ages by using blockchain and cryptocurrencies to eliminate the bookmaker.

    ZenSports stands out from other sports betting options for 4 key reasons:

    1. Peer-to-peer Marketplace. ZenSports is the only true peer-to-peer sports betting marketplace in the industry, meaning there is no bookmaker in the betting process. Because of this, ZenSports charges 50%-90% lower betting fees than traditional bookmakers.
    2. Mobile-first. ZenSports is a native mobile app for iOS and Android that is superior to clunky, ancient sports betting websites from traditional bookmakers. Additionally, a mobile web product will launch in Q4 2020.
    3. SPORTS Cryptocurrency Token. This is a cryptocurrency utility token created by Zensports, which can be used to place bets and earn other rewards and perks as part of the loyalty rewards program.
    4. Semi-decentralized Platform. Currently, ZenSports offers a transparent and trustworthy semi-decentralized platform that no sports betting companies come even close to competing with.This means ZenSports never gets in the middle of resolving bets or outcomes , but there are some sets of rules/guidelines to ensure that all bettors act in good faith and betting contracts sit on our private servers. Our eventual goal is to become completely decentralized and have all aspects of betting contracts sit on the blockchain.

    Double Result Betting With ZenSports

    Are you ready to get more out of your double result betting winnings?

    Earn more money by placing bets with ZenSports.

    Our ZenSports loyalty program offers:

    • An additional 60% off our already unbeatable betting fees
    • Cashback bonuses based on your betting value
    • Bonuses for making infrequent withdrawals
    • Bonuses when you refer friends to ZenSports
    • And more awesome perks, rewards, and promotions

    Download the ZenSports app today to begin maximizing the earnings of your double result bets.

    How to Make an Online Sports Bet

    As more and more states across the country legalize sports betting, there are inevitably more sportsbooks popping up. What if you do not live close enough to drive there and make your bets? What if you do live close enough, but would not get there in time to make a bet on an upcoming game?

    The good news is that there are plenty of mobile apps to place bets on from the comfort of your own home. All bets can be made in a matter of seconds at any time of the day.

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a wager from your mobile sportsbook account.

    Steps For Making a Sports Bet Online

    1. Find the Right Site for You
    FanDuel, DraftKings, FOX Bet, BetMGM, PointsBet, and many more. How do you know which sportsbook to choose? Before diving into the first one that you come across, have a quick gander at each website. You can get a feel rather quickly for which sites are easier to navigate than others. For beginning sports bettors, it’s always helpful to use sites that explain the rules of each bet.

    Do not be afraid to ask others who have experience betting on sports for their feedback. Some may tell you things like it’s a hassle to register at certain sites or that their cash out methods are inconvenient. The more information you gather ahead of time, the better your sports betting experience will be.

    2. Create an Account
    Once you’ve landed on a site that you are comfortable with, it is time to download their app and create an account. For first-time bettors, I would suggest starting out charting bets you like without risking your own money. Almost all sportsbooks give you access to their odds without having to create an account. Once you get a sense of how money lines and totals work, and you’re ready to put money at risk, then you can use your app to create your actual account.

    The steps involved in creating accounts may differ from site-to-site. Most online sportsbooks require the following: Name, Address, Password, Mobile Phone Number, Email Address (typically becomes your username), and Date of Birth. Once all your demographic information has been submitted, your account is made.

    3. Make a Deposit
    When making a deposit, sportsbooks may include many of the following options: Credit or Debit Card, Prepaid Card (specific to the site), PayPal, ACH (eCheck), Online Bank Transfer, Wire Transfer, PayNearMe or a check.

    Upon first creating an account, many sportsbooks offer generous promotions in the form of “risk-free bets” or bonuses equal to a percentage of your initial deposit. It would be wise to take advantage of any and all promotions offered throughout your sports betting experience. When a sportsbook hands out free money, take it!

    4. Familiarize Yourself with Betting Rules
    If you did not get acclimated to the rules of the various types of bets before making your account, now is the time to do so. Never assume you know the rules of a bet before placing a wager. It’s always better to double-check the guidelines instead of being caught off-guard by something after your money is at risk.

    You can check out our betting 101 section for more advice!

    5. Set a Budget
    One of the biggest mistakes that novice sports bettors make is not setting or sticking to a budget. The most important rule of any form of gambling is this: Do not risk what you cannot afford to lose.

    Typically, it’s wise to stick to more-or-less the same betting amount with each wager. Another reason bettors get themselves into trouble is they identify a “can’t miss” bet. Thus, they are likely to bet an exorbitant amount of money on such a line relative to their usual bets. If that bet does not cash, they find themselves stuck in an awkward situation.

    Remember, even the most successful handicappers are correct merely 55-60 percent of the time.

    6. Place Your Bets
    After scouring through the lines and identifying what appeals most, it’s time to place your bet. When you click on the line you want, you will be taken to another screen that will ask you if you want to place the bet as a straight wager, or as part of a parlay or teaser. If this is the only bet you want to make, you would select “straight wager” and enter the amount you want to risk.

    Once you enter your amount, you will be notified of what the payout for a winning bet would be. If you are satisfied, hit “OK” or “confirm bet” and leave the rest up to the gambling gods. Good luck!

    Mike Spector is a featured writer at BettingPros. For more from Mike, check out his archive and follow him @MikeSpector01.

    15 Best sports betting apps for Android & iOS

    Bookmakers go hand in hand with technological progress, constantly improving their services. Previously, there were only betting, then points of admission rates began to appear. After, bookmakers started to take bets on the phone.

    With the advent of the World Wide Web, bookmakers have migrated to the Internet, which made it possible to bet with the help of computers and laptops, and now there is the opportunity to bet on sporting events, using mobile phones, tablets, or smartphones.

    Today, all reputable online bookmakers have a mobile app. We introduce 15 best sports betting apps for android & ios.

    • 22Bet
    • William Hill
    • BetBull: Sport Tips Casino
    • Onside Sports
    • Colossus Bets
    • Betfred Sports Betting
    • BoyleSports Sports Betting
    • BetVictor: Sports Betting App
    • Virgin Bet
    • BettingPros: Sports Betting
    • Coral Sports Betting & Casino
    • Betsafe
    • Unibet
    • Paddy Power Sports Betting
    • Betway


    Almost all the sport betting apps which are trending right now, this is probably the most popular one at the moment. 22Bet was created and developed by the people who truly love sports. Here more than 1000 various games take place every day so you have a wide choice to play and win.

    All the most popular events are highlighted on the main page as well, as the results, so you could make an analysis and know better on which team you want to bet next time. Moreover, using this app you can get generous bonuses when you invest more than $100.

    William Hill

    It is a bookmaker, where you can do a variety of rates. Bids can be made on sports such as football, basketball, tennis, hockey, rugby, boxing, and much more.

    This application is no different from other standard programs. So you can bet on a specific result (the total score of the match) or to any particular environments (for example, whether the player will be able to get the ball in the allotted time). The latter type of bet naturally implies a much higher profit.

    William Hill is a good opportunity to make money on the sport!

    BetBull: Sport Tips Casino

    The most prominent feature of this app is its nicely designed user interface and cool characters giving you useful tips on how to do bets. In addition to that, here you can even bet for free and win up to $100 – this is the biggest amount of money that you can win in the free bets in the apps like this.

    Betbull is quite popular among all of those who like to bet on sports so you can trust it. The app has a certain system that helps you to make better betting and avoid the risk of losing your money: you can see the best players in the table and listen to the tips that they give.

    Onside Sports

    Open the betting world with this application. This is the only app that will give you access to rates in many sports. Sporting results are updated every second by leading American sports leagues.

    • the results of all the matches in real-time;
    • all bets come directly from Las-Vegas;
    • the fastest notification of changes in the bill, lines games, or injury;
    • track game online;
    • statistics for each game;
    • view the most successful players on the rates;
    • leave your opinion in the chat.

    Colossus Bets

    Colossus Bets is a little bit different betting app in the sense that it offers a different kind of betting. Here, you can bet on your own and play alone as in classic betting, but you can also join syndicates which are collective betting or found your own syndicate and be its captain.

    This is, basically, the main fun element of this app. Overall, Colossus Bets presents almost all kinds of sports, and dozens of games take place every day. However, even when on the one hand collective betting might seem like a fun choice, on the other hand, it is a much greater risk – especially if you’re a leader.

    Betfred Sports Betting

    Immerse yourself in the world of sports betting with Betfred Sports Betting. Place your bets on all major sporting events. This application has exclusive features and a great interface. Earn money on the most popular sports, including cricket, tennis, football, golf, basketball, etc.

    Here you will find a huge number of shares. Keep track of your bets, along with the in-game visualization. We will provide you the best statistics and performance graphs. Earn your million together with the application Betfred Sports Betting!

    BoyleSports Sports Betting

    This app is also the kind where you can make collective betting. Even though it is not such a bit thing here as it is in Colossus. Moreover, when you are making a bet, you can choose up to 3 different sports direction and bet with the same sum of money on all of them – thus you are increasing your chances to get lucky.

    The most popular kind of sport here is, as always, horse racing. And this is actually the section where you can either make a double bet or get your money back (not the whole sum of course) if the horse that you were counting at, fails.

    The results will be shown as soon as the race ends and the whole cash out procedure is easier than in other sports betting apps. It is available daily in thousands of markets.

    BetVictor: Sports Betting App

    One of the most popular and prestigious sports betting apps. When you just get registered BetVictor gives you the first $10 for your 7-day trial. Moreover, you will get up to $60 in the casino. Moreover, here you can open several accounts at a time, thus your initial sum may double or even triple.

    The interface of the app is a little bit complicated for the newbies, but those users who already had experience with sports betting will probably understand how it works quickly since it is structured much better and more professionally in terms of sports sections. Overall, it is a good app, just a little complicated.

    Virgin Bet

    Bet you know Virgin Airlines but you had no idea that this company has a sports betting app too! And, to be honest, this is a pretty good one. You will be getting great offers every day since Virgin Bet covers almost all of the sports events which are happening in the world.

    Whether it’s the next hotly anticipated horse race, the latest Premier League or Champions League clash, with a special Virgin Bet price boost you won’t want to miss. From football to horse racing, to tennis, all major events will have a tasty offer for you to check out.

    BettingPros: Sports Betting

    If you noticed, there are many more sports betting apps for iOS than for Android. No idea what it has to deal with, but here we finally have an app that allows doing sports betting for Android users too. Well, it is more an informative app, and the possibilities of making real bets here are really limited but it is still something.

    At least you will be receiving tips from the top experts of the industry and follow the statistics of each game. This app is convenient to have as an instructional one on your phone while transferring money via something else. Almost all the sports game and races and presented here. For example, you can follow your favorite NFL league.

    Coral Sports Betting & Casino

    For those who like to keep their stakes high, there is an app that unites sports betting and casino. One of the features that distinguish this app from the other ones is that each week you can bet for one game for free and win up to $50. In addition, there is a “safety pillow” for betting on horse racing.

    If the horse that you were betting at doesn’t win a race you can get a refund up to $10. Well, it’s not that much (depending on how much you invested) but it is still some money while other apps give you nothing in such cases.

    There are more than 240 exciting events happening every month. You are allowed to download this app only if you are above 18.


    This is one of the most trusted bookmakers. By registering on the site, you will be able to bet in seconds. There is good bonus program.

    The app offers great odds on sporting events, as well as the best team of professionals, who will prepare the statistics for you. They are willing to communicate with you 24 hours a day.


    Here you will find the most popular sports – from football to horse racing. Do not pass bet and enjoy the game in real-time. Bet on the best sporting events of the year with the best odds!

    The app covers the brightest events in the life of the sport – the Champions League, FA Cup, Grand Slam Tennis, etc. Feel the excitement with this mobile app!

    • bid before the game or during the competition;
    • the office is open for bids 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
    • it covers more than 30,000 sporting events annually;
    • single and combined rates;
    • safety at the opening of deposits and withdrawal of money;
    • manage your account;
    • easy navigation.

    Download the app and start earning money right now!

    Paddy Power Sports Betting

    If you’re looking for an app that won’t just provide you a wide range of sports games, but also will be made with a good user interface and clear many then Paddy Power is a great choice. There are no complicated schedules, unclear instructions, and intricate schemes.

    Even a person who decided to make a sports bet first time in their lives will understand immediately how everything works here. Moreover, the developers improved the speed of the app so now you don’t have to wait until your data will load for minutes – everything happens in seconds which is extremely important in sports.

    There are more than 100000 sports events each year the Paddy Power covers. In order to study the results of the previous games of a player/team, you can go to the history section and see the detailed analysis of their past games. Another convenient feature of Paddy Power is that it allows you to log in with the Face ID function or fingerprint.


    Betway is not an app with a huge base of competitions as some apps on this list, but it is definitely a good one in terms of specification and bonus programs. Here you can bet on such kinds of sports like horse racing (very traditional), football, rugby, tennis, and golf.

    In horse racing, everything is pretty clear. You just look at which race will happen next, make research on the strongest participants, maybe rely on your gut feeling, and bet that sum of money which is acceptable for you. In football you can choose the team that you think will win the next competition.

    However, football is a little bit more complicated for betting than horse racing. Here you should pay closer attention to the statistics, the team’s coach, list of players, and so on. It will probably make no sense to bet on the no-name team if they’re playing together with Manchester United.

    Another really popular kind of sport for betting is boxing – this is where the real game begins. The bigger the fight, the higher the stakes and adrenaline. And here everything depends more on luck then on rational thinking – however, the latter is never extra.

    So you’ve read our list of bookmakers for sports betting. Do not procrastinate! Download the app and register today to make your first capital!

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