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Udo Seckelmann, lawyer at Bichara e Motta Advogados, shares with SBC a review of the legal considerations that must be taken into account for the regulation of the sports betting market in Brazil.

In part one of a three-part overview Seckelmann, who is also editor and writer of Lex Sportiva, member of the National Academy of Sports Law (ANDD) – Youth Commission and member of the Sports Law Commission of OAB/Barra (RJ), analyses the limitations that emerge from a market where the definition of sports betting is uncertain.

After more than 70 years of banning the exploitation of gambling in Brazil (with the exception of the state monopoly on lotteries and betting on horse racing in authorized locations), Law No. 13.756/2018 finally legalized the so-called “ fixed-quota bets related to real sports-themed events ” (hereinafter only “sports betting”).

According to such legal diploma, the economic activity of sports betting may be exploited by the private sector in a competitive environment, which will provide several benefits to Brazil such as the attraction of foreign investment, creation of jobs and tax collection by the country. However, such benefits will only be effectively materialized if the regulation of the activity is made in an effective manner and observing the best international practices.

To that end, a solid regulatory system must respect the wishes of the main players in the industry. In this topic, the Secretariat of Evaluation, Planning, Energy and Lottery of the Ministry of Economy (SECAP) – responsible for drafting the decree that will regulate the activity – has been adopting an exemplary posture, carrying out three public consultations to hear suggestions from the sector and from society on the topic.

The decree has not been enacted yet and, thus, sports betting remains unregulated in Brazil. However, over the past two years SECAP has disclosed two draft decrees, the first one in September 2019 (Draft 2019) and the second one in February 2020 (Draft 2020), which presented an apparent direction of what we can expect from the regulation.

In view of the above, the present work seeks to bring some brief considerations on the regulation of sports betting in Brazil, based mainly on the provisions of Law No. 13.756/2018 and on the draft decrees disclosed by SECAP to date.

Limitation of legalized games of chance

According to the Brazilian legal system, sports betting is considered a game of chance. Among the numerous existing games of chance, only sports betting has been legalized by Law No. 13.756/2018, which raises the following question: why legalize only one modality of game of chance and keep the others illegal?

The main objective of the regulation of sports betting is to attract Brazilian bettors, who currently use unlicensed operators, to the legal and regulated market. Consequently, keeping other games of chance prohibited ends up giving more strength to the illegal market.

Let’s analyze the following example: suppose that the company Sportingbet after the regulation opens a branch in Brazilian territory, complies with all the bureaucracies, respects the imposed legal parameters and obtains a license to operate. With Brazil legalizing only sports betting, the products that Sportingbet can offer to Brazilian consumers on its website are restricted.

On the other hand, the company Bet365 decided not to obtain a license in Brazil. Its website, of course, remains active and available in several countries – including Brazil – and, in addition to sports betting, it offers bingo, roulette, blackjack, casino, lottery, horse racing, etc. The profit margin channeled by the sale of these products will provide Bet365 an advantage to offer better odds on sports betting compared to Sportingbet. Although bettors are always inclined to use the licensed market, at the end of the day the vast majority will seek the best odds available online, leading to the strengthening of the unlicensed market.

The legalization of sports betting is a good first step, but it is not enough for Brazil to reach the industry’s potential. There are bills in the National Congress that seek to legalize other games of chance, but for now it is evident that the partial legalization of games of chance will end up undermining companies that, when obtaining a license in Brazil, will voluntarily accept to restrict the range of products to be offered to consumers.

Definition of “sports betting”

In the same vein, it should be noted that the regulation must also clarify which spectrum of sports betting is legalized for exploitation in Brazil. According to the definition given by Law No. 13.756/2018:

Art. 29 – §1º The lottery modality referred to in the caput of this article consists of a betting system related to real sports-themed events, in which it is defined, at the moment of placing the bet, how much the bettor can earn in case of a correct prognosis.

Such definition allows for several interpretations of activities that would fit this profile or not. The absence of a clear definition will certainly bring uncertainty to the Brazilian market, since there are activities exploited internationally and are considered “sports betting” but they may not be in Brazil.

For example, sports trading – exchange modality or “sports stock market” – is a product of enormous relevance in the international gambling industry. However, by the definition given by the law to fixed-quota bets, it is not clear whether this modality would be covered by the regulation.

The same occurs with platforms such as the Football Index – the “players’ stock market”, where enthusiasts buy players’ “shares” aiming at their future valorization beyond a specific sporting event. Since there is no definition of “how much the bettor can earn in case of a correct prognosis” – precisely because there is no prognosis or a specific sporting event – it is not known how the Ministry of Economy will see such activity.

Likewise EA Sports , developer of the FIFA franchise, has suffered in recent years with the micro-transactions executed within the Ultimate Team modality of the game. The so-called loot boxes , packages of athletes that can be purchased through real financial provision from the gamers – in which prevail the randomness and uncertainty of the acquired athletes, such as a slot machine – have been considered games of chance and have suffered harsh criticism in the gambling industry, mainly because they are offered to minors.

For this reason, EA Sports has lawsuits in countries such as the United States, France and Belgium – the latter blocked the sale of such product in its territory. In Brazil, the functionality remains authorized, even for minors.

Given the above, a clear definition of legalized sports betting is essential for the correct functioning of the Brazilian industry.

An Internation Tribunal for the Internet

An Internation Tribunal for the Internet

Dr. Daniel Freire e Almeida, with this work (his doctoral dissertation in Law from the University of Coimbra), addressed Internet Law the best way: proposing the creation of an international tribunal to judge disputes arising in the internet.

Following creatively in the wake of great changes of Law that were operated, largely, by the courts and by professors.

Thus, the Roman Civil Law was the work of jurists, judges, and lawyers; the receipt of the Roman civil Law in medieval Europe began with the work of teachers and magistrates; Family Law, from the beginning of the second millennium, was due to the monopoly of the Catholic Church jurisdiction, whose courts turned ethical principles in rules; Administrative Law owes much to the Conseil d'État in the Nineteenth Century; etc. Finally, I remember that the European Law (the EC/European Union) is largely the work of the Tribunal.

The author has not proposed a regulatory system - although its rules are constantly unaware; he did not list the rights of the person - although a person is a constant presence: he proposed a flexible and adherent process to reality, the intervention of a court in the legal life of the Internet.

Therefore, it will be established a permanent dialogue between the legal framework and communication at the speed of light. Thus, it will be possible to address Justice in virtual space in a more effective way. And, as the tribunal will be international, globalization is assumed.

This study will continue in the ethical and legal debate for as long as Internet will exist.

I wish that this work and its Author continue to have the greatest success.

Grand National Preview 2021 – Betting Odds & Top Ten Tips

Grand National Preview 2021 – Betting Odds & Top Ten Tips

A full preview of the Grand National 2021 and our top ten tips for the big race

A full preview of the Grand National 2021 and our top ten tips for the big race

The list of 40 entries for Grand National Betting 2021 was announced on Thursday.

That means the market will have shifted a little bit.

There has been no change at the top of the winners market for the 2021 Grand National, with CLOTH CAP holding steady at a quote of 9/2 (betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

For Grand National 2021 betting we are taking a look at the big names in the field, as well as sizing up some intriguing longer-priced options that we see.

That includes Welsh National winner Secret Reprieve who is only on the waitlist to see if he can make it to the starting line up.

Wo made the Final 40?

Wo made the Final 40?

On Thursday, the final field for the Grand national 2021 was set.

The only change happened with the withdrawal of The Storyteller, meaning that reserve Blaklion takes a place.

If any other horses are pulled out before 13:00 BST on Friday, reserves can take their place in the line-up.

Grand National Betting Odds 2021

Grand National Betting Odds 2021

Cloth Cap 9/2
Minella Times 10/1
Burrows Saint 10/1
Any Second Now 11/1
Kimberlite Candy 14/1
Secret Reprieve 14/1
Discorama 16/1
Farclas 20/1
Magic Of Light 20/1
Potters Corner 20/1
Anibale Fly 28/1
Bristol De Mai 28/1
Milan Native 28/1
Lord Du Mesnil 33/1
Mister Malarky 33/1
Acapella Bourgeois 33/1
Canelo 40/1
Takingrisks 40/1
Yala Enki 40/1
Some Neck 40/1
Vieux Lion Rouge 40/1
Class Conti 40/1
Shattered Love 40/1
50/1 bar
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

Where can I watch the Grand National?

The Grand National is being shown on ITV and any subscribers to Racing TV will also be able to watch the race live there.

ITV are covering the main races from each day of the Festival. The BBC and Talksport will be broadcasting the event over the radio airwaves as well.

What times does the Grand National 2021 start?

The starting time for the Grand National 2021 is 5:15 pm

Who is the favourite for the Grand National 2021?

Cloth Cap is the current market leader in Grand national 2021 betting at 9/2 (betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365).

He has been trading strongly, and a bigger case has been made for him since Tiger Roll was scratched from the race early.

There has been some imposing form from Cloth Cap who dominated the Listed Kelso fixture, the Premier Chase.

But there was also a striking, eye-catching win for him at the Ladbrokes Trophy earlier in the season.

One huge factor on his side is the weights. The victory at Kelso was recorded after the official weights for the 2021 Grand National were released.

That means that he is going to be running ahead of the handicapper.

So form and weight are there, with Cloth Cap coming in at 14lb for the big showcase. It’s hard to deny Jonjo O’Neill’s 9-year-old has a big chance of scoring at Merseyside on Saturday.

Equally important perhaps, is that he has been clearly driven towards the Grand National not having gone to the Cheltenham Festival this year.

The cheekpieces and aggressive tactics has just seen him go from strength to strength. The only thing really working against him from a Grand National Betting perspective is his short odds.

Also, he has the proven distance in him, having completed more than four miles at the Scottish National to claim a place finish. So stamina is not an issue.

Cloth Cap Grand National Betting Odds: 9/2
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

Trends from the last 10 Grand National Editions

  • 7/10 winners had not attempted the National fences before
  • 8/10 have been rated between 148 and 160
  • 7/10 had had a previous run at Aintree
  • 7/10 winners were at least 14/1
  • 10/10 had won over at least 3m
  • 8/10 had at least placed over 3m 3.5f or further
  • 7/10 were Irish bred horses

What are the race conditions?

The Grand National has a daunting 30 fences for the runners to complete, as they take on two laps of the venue.

The most feared fence of all is Becher’s Brook which runners have to tackle twice.

The famous Chair only comes into play once during the race. The Grand Nationals is over a distance of 4m 2f and 74 yards to be precise.

Which horses get to run?

There is a pecking order for the Grand National and that is based on qualification criteria. For anyone to get to the starting line up, they must meet certain factors. That’s to ensure a strong competitive race.

  • At least 7 years old
  • Rated at least 125
  • Have run three previous steeplechases
  • Been a top-four finisher in any steeplechaser of at least 2m7f 11o yards.

Kimberlite Candy

This will be the first run at the Aintree Festival for Kimberlite Candy, as it actually is for favourite Cloth Cap.

There are solid trends to support Kimberley Candy putting a strong run together.

There is plenty of chase experience there and the 9 year old’s big notable mark of stamina was a victory in the Warwick Classic Chase.

That was a remarkably dominant win by 10 lengths that he took on that 3m 5f trip. It appears that he has stamina in spades.

Kimberlite Candy has experience of the National fences having claimed a runner up spot in two attempts at the Becher.

We have slight concerns over his rating and the conditions underfoot potentially being too firm.

Kimberlite Candy Grand National Betting Odds: 14/1
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

Potters Corner

The 11-year-old definitely gets on our shortlist in Grand National 2021 horse racing betting. He has run at Aintree before, taking a place finish in a Grade 2 bumper in 2015.

He’s just rated in the zone for Grand National trends and he will be tackling the fences for the first time at the venue.

Does victory in last year’s Virtual Grand National count as form? Of course not.

But still, Potters Corner has been well-respected ahead of this contest, having previously won the Welsh Grand National and the Midlands National.

He checks all the boxes for stamina without question.

He was set to go at the Cheltenham Festival in the Cross Country but was pulled out late. Current form could be better, but it definitely rates a threat.

Potters Corner Grand National Betting Odds: 20/1
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

Magic Of Light

What’s not to like about Magic of Light? She had that brilliant run in the 2019 edition, taking second place behind Tiger Roll from a 66/1 SP.

That was a sparkling run and Magic Of Light was leading at the last as well. The pressure got to her and she made a mistake, and the initiative went to Tiger Roll.

Magic of Light is up 5lb in the ratings. Seasonal form doesn’t really point to her making a big of a splash as she did last year. But that C&D form piques interest.

Magic Of Light Grand National Betting Odds: 20/1
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

Yala Enki

We are reaching down the market here for an each-way consideration on Yala Enki. The 11-year-old is a born and bred stayer.

He just has a tremendous engine that never seems to quit, and therefore we think he’s worth a look.

He has placed before in three consecutive Welsh Grand Nationals.

Yala Enki did take on the National fences once before and was a faller in the Becher’s.

That’s a slight niggle there and the conditions are probably a little stiff for his liking. But if gets the jumping form right then he most certainly has the engine to get in the mix.

Yala Enki Grand National Betting Odds: 40/1
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

Burrows Saint

He was lining up as one of the key contenders for last year’s Grand National, which was ultimately cancelled.

Burrows Saint has enjoyed a couple of trips over the hurdles this winter, Willie Mullins sending him to the Bobbyjo Chase in February for a blast over the fences.

It was a second-place finish that he took there, so he should arrive sharp. Ground conditions will help him along very well.

Because he was only sent out over the hurdles until after the Grand National ratings came in, it means that the handicapper hasn’t had a chance to get at him.

Burrows Saint, who looks for all the world like he can churn up the ground at Aintree goes at a 156 rating.

He won the Irish Grand National a couple of years ago and he never even had to work too hard to get that.

Burrows Saint Grand National Betting Odds: 10/1
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

Any Second Now

Trainer Ted Walsh has seen the market react well to the entry for Any Second Now this year.

The 9-year-old did have a run in the Irish national and fell at the eight in that. That equates to him still needing to prove his stamina.

But back at the 2019 Cheltenham Festival, he stayed very well to take the Kim Muir. It’s been a relatively quiet season from him in terms of form.

But a recent spark of revival to win a 2m trip at Navan, after the Grand National weights came out, means that Any Second Now could have something up his sleeve for Saturday.

Any Second Now Grand National Betting Odds: 11/1
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

Anibale Fly

It is a little hard to read the challenge of Anibale Fly in this year’s Grand National. If you look at recent form, then he’s one to scratch off.

But he is actually very well treated at 155 based on his previous efforts in the Grand National. It’s been two solid efforts in that, taking fourth and fifth in 2018 and 2019 respectively.

So Anibale Fly has some merit if he can tap into the Aintree vibe on the day.

It’s been downhill in form really second that 2019 Grand National. C&D form is undoubtedly there though. He fits the trends well too.

Anibale Fly Grand National Betting Odds: 28/1
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)


For punters looking for a strong, versatile and consistent horse, then it’s hard to look past 12-year-old Taking Risks.

He looks to have a big chance in this one. Having won the Scottish National in 2019, with Cloth Cap behind him in third, the stamina has been proven, which is a very nice thing.

Taking Risks has also hit some top from this season, claiming a victory in the Sky Bet Chase. Wind surgery may well have perked him up.

If he handles the National fences, then we can see him just plugging away and getting a very bold run together.

Takingrisks Grand National Betting Odds: 40/1
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

Lord Du Mesnil

There is no question about the staying ability of Lord De Mesnil either. The 8-year-old should handle this trip because of the tremendous engine that he has.

He has proven form and staying ability around the 3m 6f distance so this is in his range.

Lord Du Mesnil claimed the win in the Grand National Trial at Haydock on his last run.

There’s enough meat on the bone from him in terms of Grand National Odds 2021.

He would probably prefer softer ground underfoot, but definitely rates high enough with us to get on shortlist.

Lord Du Mesnil Grand National Betting Odds: 33/1
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

Acapella Bourgeois

A stablemate to Burrows Saint, Acapella Bourgeois is well worthy of mention here.

In the Irish National, he was beaten by more than seven lengths by Burrows Saint, having given his rival 6lb on the day.

Acapella Bourgeois was sent to the Bobbyjo Chase at Fairyhouse and turned the tables on his stalemate by keeping on well to pick up the victory.

Acapella Bourgeois was still giving Burrows Saint 6lb on the day but took the win by almost five lengths.

That puts the 11-year-old on the radar in Grand National betting 2021 for us and brings a little more experience at the table.

Acapella Bourgeios Grand National Betting Odds: 33/1
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

What about Secret Reprieve?

Well, if the Welsh National winner Secret Reprieve manages it to get in, as he is only a reserve, then he would make for a fascinating entry.

To actually get in the race, he would need two others to pull out before Friday afternoon.

What makes him appealing is not only his victory in the Welsh national, which hints that a run around Aintree is going to suit him, but Secret Receive is well handicapped.

Leniently so. He just pounded out the distance at the Welsh National and looked as if he could impress in this figure. If he can get in.

Kimberlite Candy Grand National Betting Odds: 14/1
(betting odds recorded on April 8th, 2021 at 19:37 GMT at Bet365)

Mentioned offers may be restricted to new customers, T&C's apply. Older offers may be not valid anymore. See details directly at the bookmaker's website. All tips on our site are based on the personal opinion of the author. No success is guaranteed. Please gamble responsibly. 18+

All mentioned odds were valid at the time of writing. Betting odds are subject to fluctuations. Please check the current odds with the respective bookmaker!

Virtual Sports Betting Market is Stunning Worldwide – Gaining Revolution in Eyes of Global Exposure: William Hill, Kiron Interactive, Sportingbet, Betfair, betradar, Sisal, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Lottomatica, SkyBet, etc.

Introduction and Scope
The research report on global Virtual Sports Betting market provides insightful data about market and all the important aspects related to it. The pattern in the Virtual Sports Betting industry gives an absolute overview of prime players by the weightlessness of their product definition, company summary, and business strategy at intervals in the market. A comprehensive analysis of the market performance throughout the years is offered in the research report. This analysis helps vendors and manufacturers to understand the change in the market dynamics over the years. In addition to that the research report also covers detailed analysis of all the crucial factors having an impact on the market growth. The analysis also offers methodical references to the prevailing developments in business dynamics. In addition, the study report also provides full documentation of past, present and future projections related to market size and volume.

Vendor Landscape and Profiling:

  • William Hill
  • Kiron Interactive
  • Sportingbet
  • Betfair
  • betradar
  • Sisal
  • Bet365
  • Ladbrokes
  • Lottomatica
  • SkyBet
  • BetVictor

The detailed study of all the crucial aspects of the Virtual Sports Betting market is included in the market report such as market share, production, regions, key players, etc. The comprehensive analysis of potential customer base, market values and future scope is included in the global Virtual Sports Betting market report. A competitive analysis of the Virtual Sports Betting industry and main product segments of the market is given in the study. The research report provides an in-depth study of market dynamics with the help of several charts, tables, graphs, etc. to offer users with better presentation of the data. The Virtual Sports Betting market report takes a detailed note on the major industrial events in past years. These events include several operational business decisions, innovations, mergers, collaborations, major investments, etc. The research report provides a 360 degree view of global Virtual Sports Betting market.

Market Segmentation: Global Virtual Sports Betting Market

Product-based Segmentation:

  • Football (soccer)
  • Horse racing
  • Dog racing
  • Motor sports
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Others

Application-based Segmentation:

  • Retail
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Terminal

The research report includes the information on all the strategic developments that have been made in the Virtual Sports Betting sector over the years. The Virtual Sports Betting market research report offers an insightful data on the investment or growth opportunities in the Virtual Sports Betting industry. The research report on global Virtual Sports Betting market covers a full documentation of study of all the segments of the market. Along with that the research report on the global market holds all the vital information regarding the latest technologies and trends being adopted or followed by the vendors across the globe. The growth of the Virtual Sports Betting industry is associated with the adoption of these trends and tools. The research report is complete guide to understand all the vital aspects related to Virtual Sports Betting market for the new entrants in the global Virtual Sports Betting market.

Regional Assessment and Segment Diversification.

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