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Super Sport : Phuk

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Gill Phuk and Hattie Shanks left the Punta Gorda police force to start their own private investigating business in Los Angeles, but the local police sergeant has no tolerance for their interference. A spot of good luck with the media presents Phuk and Shanks a foothold as they are embraced by the city in a very public way.

When the case of the missing divers takes a turn, the investigators find themselves in Venezuela searching for the famed heirloom. Theyre soon caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse as the Rodriguez family plots to seize the priceless medallion and eliminate anyone who gets in the way. Unfortunately for themand despite a whirlwind clash of gunfire and grenade attacksPhuk and Shanks never give up on a case.

Super esporte bet

Super esporte bet

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Sports betting terms, definitions for beginners to get ready for Super Bowl 50

Sports betting terms, definitions for beginners to get ready for Super Bowl 50

So you want to bet on the Super Bowl, like any average American, but you have no idea what any of this, this or this means? We're here to help.

Too often we cater to the gambler who, you know, gambles. But leading up to the biggest football game of the year, there are plenty more people who want to get action down.

So here are your questions about sports betting as it pertains to the Super Bowl, answered.

What is a point spread?

What is a point spread?

A point spread is a number oddsmakers use to determine the difference in strength between two teams. It is used to generate betting interest on both teams, since if you only had to pick the winner, it would be too easy.

Most often, you get even money on the bet, with the book taking a 10 percent tax. So you're wagering $11 to win $10, $55 to win $50, $110 to win $100, etc. If you wager $11 to win $10 and your bet wins, you get the $11 back and the additional $10.

The point spread on Panthers-Broncos is Panthers -5.5. That means if you bet on the Panthers on the point spread, they must win by six points or more to cash the bet. If you take the Broncos at +5.5, they need to either win the game or lose by five points or fewer for you to win.

The favorite is always associated with a minus, the underdog with a plus.

What does "covering" the spread mean?

What does

If the favorite "covers" it means the team won by more than the given point spread. If the underdog covers, it means that team either won the game or lost by less than the point spread.

What is a moneyline?

This is where many people get lost. With a moneyline, you need to only pick the winner of the game. But unlike a point spread, you're not getting even money on your bet.

The Panthers are -220 on the moneyline. If you bet on the Panthers using the moneyline, you just need them to win the game. But you have to wager $22 to win $10, $44 to win $20, $220 to win $100, etc. If you bet $22 to win $10, you get that $10 and your $22 back.

If you bet the Broncos on the moneyline, you also need them to win the game. But your payout will be larger, since oddsmakers have determined their odds of winning are slimmer. If you bet $10 on the Broncos at +190, you will win $19 and get that $10 back. If you bet $20, you'll win $38 and get that $20 back.

Again, the minus is always associated with the favorite, and the plus with the underdog.

What is a total and over/under?

After a point spread, this is the second most popular bet. Total and over/under mean the same thing — the total amount of points scored in the game. The Super Bowl total is 45 at most books, meaning that if you take the OVER, there need to be 46 points or more scored to win the bet. If you bet the UNDER, 44 or fewer.

Like with a point spread, you get even money on the bet, plus a 10 percent tax, so you're wagering $11 to win $10, $22 to win $20, etc.

What is a push?

If the spread or total lands exactly on the number, that is a push. You are refunded your bet. So if the final score is 24-21 Panthers and you took the OVER at 45, it is a push.

What is a prop bet?

A prop bet is short for proposition bet. It is a bet not on the point spread, moneyline or total. A prop bet can range from "Will Cam Newton throw for more or less than 235 yards" to "Will there be a defensive or special teams touchdown" to "Will there be an earthquake during the game." These range greatly in payouts, and they use moneyline-style odds.

"Will there be a defensive or special teams touchdown" is listed as YES +140 and NO -170. So if you wager $10 on YES and it happens, you win $14 and get your $10 back. If you bet $17 on NO and it doesn't, you get $17 back and win $10.

What is a parlay?

A parlay is a bet with two or more point spreads, totals, or moneylines that combine to give you a higher payout. But in order to cash a parlay, all your bets must win.

If you bet a $10 parlay on the Panthers -5.5 and the OVER of 45, and the Panthers win 20-10, you would lose your $10. But if they cover the spread and it goes OVER, you win $26, since a two-game parlay pays at a multiplier of 2.6. Here's a chart and calculator for parlays — the more bets you put in a parlay, the higher the payout, but the slimmer your odds of winning are.

What is a teaser?

A teaser is similar to a parlay in that it combines two or more games. But you're able to adjust the point spread on the games, albeit it with a lower payout.

The most-common teaser is a 6-point, two-team teaser that pays the same as one standard spread bet. So if I take the Broncos +11.5 and the OVER at 39, gaining a 6-poing advantage on both, I have to wager $22 to win $20.

You can add more teams to a teaser to increase the payout, and you can also adjust the spread by more than six points for a lower payout. For example, a 7-point teaser with three teams pays +130.

Where can I bet on the Super Bowl?

In the United States, it is only legal to bet single games in Nevada. The American Gaming Association estimates Americans will bet $4.2 billion on the Super Bowl, $4.1 billion of that illegally.

So if you're not in Nevada, there aren't many options. You can put money in an offshore account, but that's both against the law and difficult to do in a short time. You can find a local bookie, also against the law, but that can also be difficult.

Your best option is to find someone at your Super Bowl party who likes the opposite side of a bet as you do and make a friendly wager with them.

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